Apartment overlooking the river

September 2012

A thorough overhaul: open spaces for the day zone and new division of the night zone in restructuring an apartment with a view of the river.

A unique and luminous space directly relating to the exterior: this is the choice for giving a new air to the apartment. During summer months, the terrace becomes an “extra room” to all effects, by means of great windows that with rhythm punctuate a whole side of the living room. Hub of the project is the long fitted wall, made to measure, acting as a scenic background to the whole day zone and dividing it clearly from the night zone.

This wall houses the kitchen, the huge set of bookshelves and useful container space accessible also from the corridor in the night zone, thanks to its double depth. Great mobile panels make it possible to modify the configuration and design of the wall, hiding when necessary the various functions within. Panels that can be used as doors to close the passage towards the bedrooms.

More classic the distribution in the night zone: the bathroom, the only one in the apartment but of large dimensions, was split into two thanks to a big glass wall interrupted by a storage unit to guarantee privacy even when used by more than one person at a time.