Reinterpretation of a “natural” habitat: holiday home

December 2013

A puzzle game. This holiday home on the top floor dominates the surrounding mountains.

Family and planning requirements inspired particular attention to the layout and dimensions of the spaces in order to reach the objectives whilst exalting the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the apartment.

A rectangular floor plan, suitably distinguished in day and night zones, large walls entirely of glass, all confer light to the whole attic. Wood, traditional mountain material par excellence, is the protagonist in the floors, the wainscoting in the elegant essential bedrooms, and built-in wardrobes without mouldings so they blend into the walls and naturally into the dominating rafters of the roof, lightened by a pale shade of paint.

All this was combined and matched with more contemporary materials: resin covering the walls of both bathrooms while glass allows in light and continuity through the various rooms. The contemporary furnishings are only apparently in contrast; the choice of warm colours from beige to dove grey, and materials such as leather or chunky fabrics combine to exalt the homely atmosphere. Lighting is also a striking feature: the choice fell on lamps of essential design to create a velvety atmosphere both during the day and in the evening.

The end result is harmonious and welcoming, where the view of the exterior becomes part of the home like a huge picture and where space, never excessively crowded, offers an ever-changing angle and view point.